“Its been 20 years since i started on this path of edm, and i still have as much fire for bass music as ever before!” – Tankman

[ Gaiahive ] Q: Tankman, what would you say sparked your interest to becoming the edm artist you are today?

[ Tankman ] A: Well, growing up with a father that plays and creates music almost on a daily didn’t hurt.  Aside from that I would have to say the old 8 bit PC games like Megaman initially embedded that fast paced style into my brain early.

[ Gaiahive ] Q: Can you tell us why you took a break from your brand? and tell us what we can expect to hear/see for your re-Launch this time around?


[ Tankman ] A: I took a good two plus years off performing to focus on my engineering, production and marketing skill set to go along with Tankman. So in a way i was going to school, and I believe that sometimes a good break from what you have a passion for can reap some serious benefits in the long run.

During that time I wrote several songs i’m excited about. There is nothing like hearing your work on a large sound system in front of a crowd to get the hairs to stand up on your arms.

Tankman Records is new to the relaunch, About 90% of the releases will either be under Tankman, alternate aliases i write under or collaborations. Won’t be until next year that I will start scouting to sign other artists.

Motion Graphics was another skill set I taught myself over the past several years and will be able to incorporate that into the releases, teaser videos and promotional campaigns.

You can expect to hear some heavy energy on the dance floor my classic and new “sound” that I have been working on. My goal this year is to reach as many fans as possible and inspire other generations of bass music monsters!


[ Gaiahive ] Q: What advice would you give to someone starting out?

[ Tankman ] A: Get ready and hold on tight for the ride of your life, if your passion truly is bass music (edm) and becoming a producer / dj / performer, its very much WORTH IT!

Keep your Momentum!.. In the beginning it can seem easy to loose or slow your progress of learning.  What I did to keep the drive, if on a writing “slump” was create sounds, or make a nice set of drums for when i did have the drive to make a full song I would have the parts to do it! 

Same went with being “stuck” on a tune, my rule was always SAVE the version of your project, and SAVE a new copy titled REMIX <– and just go in a different direction with it our take the sounds and start a new track.  This kept me writing and also kept my momentum going.  

“If you are not making serious progress with in an hour then change up what your are creating!”