“I love super intimate venues and will always” – Divinity

[ Tankman ] Q:  Who all is in Divinity, and what type of music do you make?


[ Divinity ] A:   Aaron [ Aaron Farr ] and myself [ Zack Cleaver ] are Divinity. and we are two producers/composers of Future Bass Music.



[ Tankman ] Q:  Your New and Forthcoming Track “Yours” (heard on the video interview)  What color would you say that track is and or represents?


[ Divinity ] A:  I get a sunshine vibe out of it, so a yellow or orange.


[ Tankman ]  Yeah it is a super bright track for sure…super dope vocals…on the track itself “i love the harmony of the frequencies you got going on, a very singular tone style which i always love.

Do you think this track is done 100% or?


[ Divinity ] A:  I want to get with Aaron some more and make some minor changes.


[ Tankman ] Q:  How long have your guys been producing and how long has “Divinity” the project been around?


[ Divinity ] A:  Personally I started when i was 16 or 17, and im 23 now so whatever the math ends up being on that :p haha (6-7 yrs). and Aaron has been producing for at least 6-7 years as well.  As for the Duo project “Divinity” it has been around 5-6 months only.  And we have 1 official release on a label, and several Free Downloads on our Soundcloud.


[ Tankman ] Right on! I can defiantly hear combination of the harder style that is more aaron’s background (Riddim (usa style) Dubstep) and your background of more melodic vibes (Dubstep, Future Bass) is for what i can tell translated very well in your collaborations.


Divinity Photo 2

Your Making me HUNGRY for food right now! uhhhh..

[ Tankman ] Q:  What is the phattest show that is the most memorable you two have performed thus far?


[ Divinity ] A:  I gatta shout out this venue “The Warehouse” in KC (Kansas City, Mo), It’s a pretty Regionally infamous Venue here.  Its an after party person type of show vibe, and when we played i was supprized because it was a “SOLD OUT” show packed to the brim! We lost our minds it was so Thicc…


[ Tankman ] Q:  Steak or Sushi? and Whats your Favorite?


[ Divinity ] A:  Sushi!!!

I always get made fun of because i don’t like “normal sushi”..ahahah   I love the “Spicy Crab Roll” (Crab/Sriracha/Mayo Mix typically with sesame seeds & of course rice in the common seaweed roll up). And actually my lady got me into sushi.


[ Tankman ]  I’m with you there, same happened to me like ten years ago when on a date, she was like sushi bar! im like err.k ill just have beers or something.  After some “Sake” bombs :p the sushi boat arrived and NEVER LEFT my life ahahahaahah….  I was like from then on Mmmmmm SUSHI…


[ Divinity ] A:   Your Making me HUNGRY for food right now! uhhh..


[ Tankman ] Q:  Hehehe, me too… One of your other forthcoming tracks “For The Chase” (heard on the video interview) are your guys going to add vocals to this?


That quick trip hot dog be hitt’n differnet at 4 in the morning

Divinity Photo 3


[ Divinity ] A:   Yes! we just haven’t found the right vocalist for it yet.


[ Tankman ] Well that raps up our micro interview with DIVINITY thanky you Zack for groove’n with us and letting us hear some exclusive tracks! which if you missed it can listen on the link below.  Till next time on FreeMotion Friday’s 🙂 + Keep the Momentum People!