[ Gaiahive ] Q:  In your new Track “For the Glory”, does it have any special meaning for you and what is it if so?


[ Matt Perry ] A:   For The Glory is a special track to me that I’ve been working on, tweaking it, for about four months now.

  It represents my drive and purpose to break into a professional EDM producer career.  It’s a track that I’m sure I’ll play at every show from now on because it is catered to just that type of audience – an arena full of people, all hyped up for a big production.

This track features the elements of several genres; we’re talking about a tight urban Hip Hop groove that evolves into a proud horn and drumline fanfare, and tying it all together with the heavy-hitting elements of a Trap anthem.  All these elements are pushed to the brim with next-level audio engineering.



Album Art & Album Teaser Video by: Animate Me Too


[ Gaiahive ] Q:   How long have you been a producer and what got you into music composition?



[ Matt Perry ] A:  There’s no coincidence that there’s lots of influence coming from a drumline and big-sounding horns in this track, since I come from the background of a classically-trained percussionist, later joining the drumline at Austin High School, having 4 kick-ass years with them.


  I’ve been producing music since my Junior year of highschool, around December of 2013. I remember this pretty well; I noticed one of my best friends sitting outside the band hall, Chase (AKA Intercept – go check him out, his work is amazing) working diligently on his laptop, with his headphones on, completely fixated on what looked like a bunch of low-res, multicolor Legos on the screen.


Perplexed, I asked him what he was so focused on, and he passed me the headphones,…

  and I realized those were not Legos but each of those colored blocks on the screen each contained a different source of sound, and when you layered them on top of eachother, MAGIC happens.  I was immediately fascinated with the concept of producing music, and have only fallen deeper in love with it ever since.


[ Gaiahive ] Q:   What is the most memorable show you have performed and Why?


[ Matt Perry ] A: There’s so many great ones! One of my most memorable shows in the past year would have to be a private sorority formal from Texas State University in Spring 2019 that started with country slow-dancing and evolved to a …

ultra-hype crowd screaming at the top of their lungs when I dropped the bass-heavy Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Skrillex Remix).

  Halloween, 2016 was definitely another memorable one. Be me, a poor unassuming Sophomore in college, and that night, I was exposed to what I am still to-this-day convinced, one of the most risqué college parties that has ever happened in North America, and me and my good friend Max (AKA YI – another great producer to check out) were the beating heart of it all. I’ll spare you the details, but that one was eye-opening to say the least.


[ Gaiahive ] Q:   What would be your dream Gig?



[ Matt Perry ] A:  My dream gig is to be a touring Producer/DJ. I’ve always wanted to travel for work, because I want to see the world and experience different cultures. There’s so much out there for us to learn, about ourselves and each other. I want to go city to city, country to country, bringing good beats, good times, and good friends with me.


[ Gaiahive ] Q:  What can we expect from Matt Perry this year?



[ Matt Perry ] A:  More shows and releases for sure! I’ve got several more tracks in the works currently, but that’s only the surface. I’ll be behind the scenes providing lots of support for other artists, mixing, mastering, and even teaching lessons on music production.


  If you’re reading this and want to know how to make music for yourself – stop reading and send me a message now! I believe anyone has the ability to make something incredible with the right guidance.  Some massive news – I’m in the works of starting up a company as well, but I can’t share much on that just yet.


[ Gaiahive ] Q:   Who would you like to collab with as a producer?



[ Matt Perry ] A:   A dream collab would be with NGHTMRE.

  He alone has been a MASSIVE influence on me and my taste in music as my taste in music has matured. I’ve been listening to him since day one, and when I saw him perform at The Marc in San Marcos, I completely idolized him.


He’s been killing it in recent years, which is no surprise to me. The guy is brilliant, as a musician, and as a businessman; the exact kind of person you want on your team in this game.


[ Gaiahive ]  A big thank you to Matt Perry for the interview and sneek peek at his forthcoming track this month “For The Glory” you can check more of Matt Perry on His  SOUNDCLOUD | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER| or SPOTIFY Pages.



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Photo Credits:  Mountain Ant Productions