[Gaiahive]  We are here with Rouge Red,  Co-Owner of the ADHD Sound System and Founder of Woke Woods Festival.  Lets get a little peek at his event this Summer.



[ Gaiahive] Q: Tell me a little bit about your event?


[ Rogue Red ] A:  There is going to be no other festival like Woke Woods,  Three stages of Edm heaven.  We have camping on premise plus you can ride your off road toys here!  We are bringing in all of Ohio’s top Dj’s,  Huge sound systems and so much more.  This is our second festival on this amazing one of a kind property (Lightning Raceway).


[ Tankman ]  Thats Dope!  i’m hella stoked for this !!! 


[ Gaiahive ] Q:  How many watts will you be providing on the main stage?


[ Woke Woods ] A:  On the “woke stage” which is the main.  We will be providing a min of 25k watt JBL sound system, and a couple extra bells and whistles that we keep as are trade secrets. 

The Adhd Sound System carries with it a certain HYPE!  …The people get ready for a BIG PRODUCTION.

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[ Gaiahive ] Q:  How long has Woke Woods been around?


[ Woke Woods ] A: This is our first annual for Woke Woods.  But we did a previous festival at this location called Haunt Woods this past October. 


[ Gaiahive ] Q:  Why are you throwing this Event?


[ Woke Woods ] A:  I am hosting Woke Woods for various reasons.  I try to make this festival to accommodate all aspects of production, Djing, and hook and the fam up in the process.  It takes a team to pull larger events off like this. 


[ Gaiahive ] Q:  What do u think the best experience will be for you?


[ Woke Woods ] A:  It’s going to be when I get to Watch my Friends and Family getting down and having a great time. I honestly can not say thank you enough or express my gratitude to everyone helping me follow my dreams.


[ Woke Woods ] Q:  I have a few questions for Tankman, our main headliner of the fest… How long u been in music, video, and what drives you to do it?


[ Tankman ] A: I’ve been djing and producing for just over two decades now, crazzzzy to say.  I First got the lust for Drum & Bass when i was a senior in high school and just went full on mental for it, For three years straight its all i listened to…  really… Breakfast… Lunch… and Dinner.  My first “Rave” was in 1999 and that was it for me.  I knew i wanted to be a Dj in the bassmusic scene from that point on. 


  A few years later i started showing interest in the production of my own beats for the sets i played.  The first couple of tracks were a bit rough listening to them these days… however, cranked sound system in a dark basement at the time, that was status… Having your own “Dubplates (digital or vinyl)” was key underground.


  As for Graphic Design, when Myspace was king ahahah, it was good to know a little bit about coding some minor html and how to create .gifs for that unique promotion of your new releases on forums and social spaces.  So its safe to say that initially promotion for my music projects got me into design. 


  As for Video, Just around the same time I got into the bassmusic scene I used to skate pretty heavy and did a little bit of filming / editing on the side for our local crew.  Hitting up hand rails, schools,  and being chased off by security guards was always a blast and good action!  It wasn’t until about Five years (2015) ago that I came back full circle to Video and even more, with the learning Motion Graphics / Effects (After Effects in this case by Adobe CC) and started dabbling into the 3D side of things just a few years ago. 


  Its pretty dope, The plugins and tools we have today as graphic/motion designers! Super interesting and is as cool to me as Sound Design.


  And as far as what drives me to do it.  Passion, Lust, and the Need to create!



[ Woke Woods ] Q:  Tankman describe your style of EDM (electronic dance music)?


   [Tankman] A:  As a DJ I prefer to write a grip of exclusive material for the month so I get as HYPE as the crowd is when it gets BUMPED for the first time!  Minimal Drum & Bass vibes, 808 Jukey influence, old school flavor from the early 2000’s but redone and my second favorite is Halftime 170’s with Hybrid 150 (bpm) bassmusic. I like crossing over with distorted instruments and layered synths, swaggy hiphop percussion and random pitched sounds.


  As a Producer, I was influenced by old school 8 bit games and growing up with rock n’ roll from my father (Billy Cage) music has become a family tradition to be involved in someway shape or form in our lives. 


Grimey, Swag, Heavy Beats, but then on the other hand i dig the shit out of some Girly Vocals with some Tonal synths and added FILTH to it.  I’d say I am a fan of both sides of the “Force” so to speak.


THE DARK YODA is my inner essence…

  Matter a fact that title is now my new single that ill write next, and put it up for a DL soon on Gaiahive.com ! boom boom.



  You can Download some free bits on TANKMAN RECORDS page and a dope single titled “Supervillians out on Scapegoat Records” from our collaboration project ULTRABLACK (Nick “Sluggo” & “Tankman”) a Duo Project which is Re-Launching after a Decade.   


[Gaiahive]  Well that about wraps up this lil post! Thank you to Rouge Red for the exclusive content and interview!  We will be there this summer !!!


[Tankman] Yes! I’m SUPER!!! HYPED to play on the ADHD Sound System!! and get BLAZZY with the headz!… PS. we got Billy Petts of INSPIRATION CLOTHING coming down from Michigan to drop some MERCH on yall durring my set also as a little back up HYPE -MAN power! And will also have some TANKMAN RECORDS decals provided by the homie’s shop Simpli Signs in Alabama, plusss.. Rogue Red and i have a EXTRA SPECIAL treat for which you’ll just have to be there to find out what it is come showtime.


Keep Buzzing… – Gaiahive

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